learn italian Learning Italian is a fun way to immerse yourself in the local traditions and culture.
You'll be able to interact more with the Italians that you meet, and really make your holiday special.

Choose to participate in one or more of the following hands-on courses!
Each course is approximately 3 hours, and is available morning or afternoon.
Courses can be modified to suit any level, from absolute beginner to more advanced.
Your private instructor is bilingual in Italian and English, and has many years of teaching experience to adults and children.

Here are the courses:

Lesson 1: Meet and Greet Italia! The Fundamentals of Italian

Lesson Option 2: The Italian Kitchen

Lesson Option 3: The Italian Piazza

Lesson Option 4: Italian on the Road

Lesson Option 5: Personalized Italian Course

> The Fundamentals of    Italian

> The Italian Kitchen

> The Italian Piazza

> Italian on the Road

> Personalized Italian    Course

> Specials

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