Consulting Fees
Our services are very flexible. For example:
• we can plan one or more days for an existing trip
• we can add a day trip for your free time during an upcoming business trip
• we can help with just one aspect of your trip, such as finding the perfect apartment or villa for a family vacation or reunion

Travelling Groups of 1 – 2 people: Euro 50 for each day that we plan for you.

You pay your hotel, restaurants and transportation directly. While we are working with you to create your personalized itinerary, you will know exactly how much your fixed expenses are, and will all be subject to your approval.

The rates for our consulting fees are designed to be 100% transparent. We earn no commission on hotels, restaurants, or other third-party services. It is in our best interest to find you the best deal possible, so that you become a repeat customer, and recommend us to friends and family.

Special rates on request for families or groups of 3 or more
Custom rates for special consulting services are available.
Please contact us for your personalized quote.

Complete Itineraries
If you prefer the ease of selecting one of our complete itineraries , we will take care of the rest. Send us your dates and travel style and we will get back to you within a few days with your personalized trip package proposal complete with costs and details. Get started now!

Payment Methods
Our fees are payable by U.S. check or PayPal:
An initial 50% deposit at the beginning of the itinerary planning phase, and the remaining
50% when you receive your complete itinerary.

Why spend your money on our travel consulting services?
Our expertise actually saves you money overall, since your savings will more than cover our affordable rates.

Create your custom-designed vacation, save money, have an unforgettable time in Italy – you can’t afford NOT to use Italian by Design!

For specific examples of how you can save, read Save Money with Italia by Design

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