Padua City Walk

There is no better way to get a feel for the city than to visit the market squares in the morning. We?ll explore Piazza delle Erbe, full of the freshest fruit and vegetables of the season, and the many market stands in the central piazzas. We?ll visit the Basilica of Saint Anthony, the spiritual center of the city, dating back to the early 1200s. Near the Basilica is the largest square in town (actually one of the largest in Europe), called Prato della Valle. On Saturdays it is home to a bustling market.

Santa Sofia Piazza dei Signori Grocery Store Food & Wine

The Program:
10:00 am or 4:00 pm
We will meet at the Piazza delle Erbe fountain and start the Walk
1:00 pm or 7:00 pm
A glass of Prosecco to finish the walk

2 people 290 € total price all inclusive (145 € per person)
3 people 360 € total price all inclusive (120 € per person)
4 people 440 € total price all inclusive (110 € per person)
5 people 500 € total price all inclusive (100 € per person)
6 people 540 € total price all inclusive (90 € per person)

For more people please contact us directly by e-mail.

Your Walk includes:
Entrance tickets and Padua visit in English
Personal guide, Rachel, Silvia or Giulia

Not included:
transportation and anything not expressly mentioned as included.

Available for a minimum of 2 people, from Monday to Sunday all year

Reservations and Information
Reservations at least on week in advance.
To confirm the reservation of this tour fill the Booking Form and return it to us.
Have a more specific question? Fill out the Request Form or contact us directly by e-mail.

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