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Italy for Winelovers and Gourmets

Classic Italy: Rome, Florence and Venice

Relaxing Sicily and Rome

Italian Lakes and the Veneto

Sunny Amalfi Coast and Rome

Florence and Venice: city and country

What other cities are on your must-see list?

What other small towns or areas are on your must-see list?

What cities and areas in Italy have you visited before? Any you would like to see again?

Do you have any special interests or hobbies?

Do you have any special needs or requests when travelling?

How do you see yourself getting around? Select all that apply.

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Have you driven in Italy before and are you comfortable driving stick shift?


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How would you describe your ideal vacation pace? (check which applies best to you or comment below)

I like to pack in as many activities as I can – who knows when I’ll be back.
I prefer to do some sightseeing in the morning, and have a more leisurely afternoon.
I like to really relax, with some time to see the sights if I feel up to it.

How would you prefer to spend a morning or afternoon? (number your top three choices as 1, 2, 3)

Exploring a cities’ churches and religious monuments
Strolling through colorful outdoor markets and stands
Taking a hike or walk in the outdoors
Treating yourself to a massage, facial or other spa treatment
Visiting a famous museum

You can comfortably walk:

An hour at most
Two to three hours easily
All day
You prefer other means of getting around (please comment)

Your perfect evening while travelling is:

A quick bite out before getting to bed early to rest up for an early start the following day
Dinner at the hotel while going over the next day’s activities
Enjoying a leisurely dinner at a great local restaurant is your evening’s main activity
Catching a local performance at a theater or opera, with a late dinner
Heading to a jazz concert, and you’ll have a drink and something light there

Which of the following sounds interesting to you?
(check more than one, if applicable)

A cooking class with local instructor and hands-on lesson

Private guided walk in one of the major cities

A wine excursion including a vineyard visit and wine tasting

Your first choice in city accomodations would be
(all of the choices have private bath):

A small independently owned Bed & Breakfast
A rental apartment with all of the comforts of home
A luxury hotel (4 or 5 star) with all the amenities
A modest but nice small hotel (3 star)
A clean, budget hotel (2 stars)

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