Time is money, and this is also true on vacation!We can help you use your time wisely:
  • Having a well-planned out itinerary ensures that you are making the best use of your time in Italy.We work with you to decide just the right amount of days to spend in each city or area that you are planning to visit.
  • You can say “arrivederci” to waiting in long museum entrance lines.Italia by Design will reserve your museums for you ahead of time, so you have an actual appointment time to visit the museums on your list.
  • Deciding on the day’s activities is time-consuming, and a very common source of stress while travelling.With Italia by Design, your days can be as structured or as unstructured as you like.We will give you sightseeing suggestions for any morning, afternoon or evening of your trip.See an Example Day to see what we mean!
  • We can give you many ideas of things to see and do that are completely free!
Don’t waste precious time deciding how to arrive at your next destination.Let the experts at Italia by Design show you the best way to travel between Padova and Venice, for example, or between Florence and Siena.Get there easy, get there fast!
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