Stay in an Italian Country Inn or Bed and Breakfast to see places that haven’t been discovered yet by most visitors, with prices that are very reasonable, as low as € 100 per night for a double room in a charming and welcoming setting, including a bountiful breakfast.

We can find you accomodations in the most picturesque areas of Italy, including the many wine producing regions, in the Tuscan countryside, on the Amalfi coast, in Sicily and Sardinia, the lake district, and any other place you’d like to visit.

Your savings:

Stay in a large city for your entire trip:7 nights at an average of € 200 per night =€ 1,400

Stay in a small picturesque town:7 nights at an average of € 125 per night =€875

Italia by Design can save you € 75 per night, for a total of € 525.

Your savings depend on your city and location, but these are real examples of real savings.

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