City Experience the charm of the town, discover with us the highlights as well the hidden corners that lie just off the beaten path.

First time visitor? Try our useful and informative Venice Orientation Walk, Verona Orientation Walk or Padua Orientation Walk.

Make the best use of your time with our interesting and popular Venice City Walk, Verona City Walk or Padua City Walk.

For families, we have fun children-friendly programs: Family Walk in Venice with Speciality Shopping or Family Walk in Padua with Speciality Shopping.

To experience Venice as the locals do, experience Venice by Boat.

Come ready for adventure with the exclusive The Riviera del Brenta Villas!

Venice bridge
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> Verona City Walk

> Padua City Walk

> Family Walk in Venice    with Speciality Shopping

> Family Walk in Padua    with Speciality Shopping

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